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Agrozzi advances from tradition to innovation, standing out in the Chilean agricultural industry with quality products and a solid commitment to sustainability.

I am very pleased to share with you our first Newsletter, a new communication channel for our customers, growers and suppliers, our key stakeholders in our value chain, and for those interested in this, in which we will inform about the latest developments, certifications, and relevant industry facts.

In this first edition, we want to share with you a summary of what the 2024 season will bring, news for this first semester, and the new certifications we have received, of which we are very proud. We also want to address in our newsletters the efforts we make together with our farmers in sustainability, a joint work that aims to leave a better planet for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

I would like to start by telling you a little more about Agrozzi, the agroindustrial arm of Empresas Carozzi S.A. Over 30 years ago, alongside the start of the country’s export phase under the ‘Chile Potencia Alimentaria” initiative, we set ourselves the mission of taking agriculture to the world, seeking to grow alongside it, with a sustainable long-term vision and innovative products of the highest quality. After three decades of constant effort, dedication, and passion, today we have a wide range of products in 5 categories, ranging from tomato pastes, our foundational product, to fruit and vegetable purees and concentrates.

Additionally, within our diverse mix of industrial products, we have our category of Sauces and Dressings, aimed at the national and Latin American retail and fast-food chains, adapting to the packaging needs and preferences of our consumers and clients. Also, within our retail category, we manufacture fruit pouches in individual format with fruit and vegetable blends, as well as cereals and yogurts, for the national, Latin American, and United States markets.

In this way, managing directly and indirectly the cultivation of 23,000 hectares, with the support of 2,300 farmers based on a Contract Farming system, across 4 production plants and 2,000 collaborators, processing over 700,000 tons of agricultural varieties annually, we have an agricultural, productive, commercial, and logistical capacity that enables us to reach 300 clients on all five continents and serve as ambassadors of Chilean agricultural products worldwide.

As a guiding principle of our business model, sustainability plays a fundamental role, to which we dedicate significant efforts. In this way, we have managed to implement efficient processes in terms of water usage, recycling more than 50% of the water we use in our industrial processes and allocating the remaining amount to agricultural irrigation.

Furthermore, 90% of our tomato orchard area is equipped with drip irrigation systems, promoting water efficiency while simultaneously increasing crop yields for our farmers. Additionally, we have transitioned our energy matrix to 100% electricity from renewable sources, with our thermal plant operating 100% on natural gas.

Thus, in recent years, we have made significant changes to our business model and processes that prepare us for the next 30 years of history taking responsibility for the business sustainability and our organization, ensuring environmental care, supporting our communities and employees, always striving to add value.

For this new season, starting the contract farming process in May, we face great climatic challenges, but we remain committed to efficient production in terms of sustainability and maintaining the quality that characterizes our products. Also, thanks to the close relationship we maintain with our farmers and our Contract Farming System, we can guarantee annually the necessary volumes for our commercial commitments.

Let us continue to share the value of nature together, with you, key actors in our agro-industrial value chain..

Do not hesitate to contact us through your Sales Manager or by writing to agrozzi@carozzi.cl to find out how we can meet your needs in a personalized and efficient manner.

Juan Luis Ibarra Collado,
General Manager at Agrozzi

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