Attendees participated in various family sports activities, such as Zumba classes led by Rodrigo Díaz, soccer tennis, table tennis, power jump, and the 2.5 and 5-kilometer races, among other activities.

Sharing an enjoyable sports day with family and neighbors in Teno, Agrozzi held its fourth Sports Activities Day in the Plaza de Armas this Sunday, aiming to promote healthy lifestyles, sports, balanced nutrition, and strengthen the company’s bond with its neighboring communities.

More than 1,300 neighbors participated in the event, which featured 2.5 and 5-kilometer running routes, along with various sports activities such as Zumba classes led by Rodrigo Díaz, soccer tennis, table tennis, power jump, among others. To conclude, attendees could recharge and enjoy a “tallarinata” with delicious Carozzi Pasta from the Pasta Mobile and cool off with the latest innovations from Bresler ice creams.

Furthermore, the company’s most renowned partner brands such as Carozzi, Vivo, Costa, Ambrosoli, Bresler, and Master Dog were present at the event, connecting with their most iconic products alongside the people attending the sports gathering.

“Being here gathered with neighbors, authorities, councilors, firefighters from the commune, and our Carabineros, on such a special day for Agrozzi, reaffirms our belief that Sharing is Good and what better way to do it than through promoting sports and healthy living. We wanted to set aside sedentarism to run, dance, and play on this March Sunday,” stated Juan Luis Ibarra, General Manager of Agrozzi.

This event is part of Carozzi’s 5X30 program, which aims to promote healthy lifestyles through physical activity, aiming to motivate people to engage in sports five times a week for 30 minutes each time, as the name suggests.

Promoting healthy lifestyles is one of the pillars of Carozzi’s Sustainability strategy, which is why they currently have more than 21,000 square meters of sports facilities in their industrial centers in Nos, Teno, Reñaca, and Lontué. These facilities include gyms, multi-purpose rooms, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, among others, so that Carozzi employees can lead healthy lives.

On the other hand, in line with its commitment to sustainability, during the sports event, Agrozzi, in collaboration with Tetra Pak, set up clean points where families could separate the waste generated during the day. Additionally, there was on-site training provided by Reciclapp to ensure proper recycling of packaging and organic materials such as fruit peels, contributing to minimizing waste generation and valorizing the largest proportion of what was generated.

Gianfranco Raglianti, Sustainability Manager at Tetra Pak Chile, expressed his satisfaction at being part of this celebration that “allowed us to connect with hundreds of families in Teno through sports, balanced nutrition, and healthy living. Sustainability is at the core of our work, and when we say that Tetra Pak ‘Protects What’s Good,’ it’s because in addition to protecting the food sold in our packages, we protect people by supporting their health and well-being in events like this sports day, and the environment, with initiatives that promote education on recycling, circular economy, and sustainable practices.” He also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to once again support Carozzi in their sports events, incorporating a sustainability focus.

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