Agrozzi renews its BRCGS 2024 certification with the highest category (AA+)

With great pride, we renewed our BRCGS 2024 certification with the highest category.

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From Tradition to Innovation: Agrozzi and its Advances in the Chilean Field

Agrozzi advances from tradition to innovation, standing out in the Chilean agricultural industry with quality products and a solid commitment to sustainability.

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Agrozzi was certified by the IV Clean Production Agreement from Chilealimentos

Agrozzi obtains APL IV - Chilealimentos certification, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and competitiveness

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A New Season with Challenges and Opportunities

Agrozzi faces climatic challenges with resilience, projecting a promising season in agricultural production.

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Carozzi Promotes Sustainable Agriculture, Recognizing Outstanding Farmers

Carozzi kicks off the Tomato Season 2023-2024 in a collaborative session with its farmers

Carozzi initiates the Tomato Season 2023-2024 with a gathering of over 170 farmers in Teno, promoting sustainable agriculture. The event, attended by local authorities, includes discussions on challenges and opportunities in tomato cultivation, with expert insights on sustainable agriculture and climate change. The company recognizes outstanding farmers and emphasizes its commitment to collaborative efforts for a sustainable and future-oriented agricultural sector.

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