Agrozzi renews its BRCGS 2024 certification with the highest category (AA+)

With great pride, we renewed our BRCGS 2024 certification with the highest category.

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From Tradition to Innovation: Agrozzi and its Advances in the Chilean Field

Agrozzi advances from tradition to innovation, standing out in the Chilean agricultural industry with quality products and a solid commitment to sustainability.

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Agrozzi was certified by the IV Clean Production Agreement from Chilealimentos

Agrozzi obtains APL IV - Chilealimentos certification, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and competitiveness

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A New Season with Challenges and Opportunities

Agrozzi faces climatic challenges with resilience, projecting a promising season in agricultural production.

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Sharing the Value of Nature with Our Employees

Safety and Sustainability Week at Our Teno Plant

Green Learning week: Carozzi Drives Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility Among its Employees

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Agrozzi Empowers Sustainable Farming: Second Tomato Farmers' Day Highlights Technological Advancements

This is how we experienced Tomato Day with our Teno farmers.

Nearly 200 farmers in Teno, Chile, gather for the second edition of 'Tomato Farmers' Day,' organized by Agrozzi, to discuss the benefits of crop technification and share industry best practices amid challenges like water scarcity and climate change.

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Carozzi Elevates Agrozzi's Impact with State-of-the-Art Plants in Teno, Maule Region

Carozzi inaugurates two new plants in its agroindustrial division Agrozzi

Carozzi inaugurates two cutting-edge plants in its Agrozzi division, enhancing production capabilities to 50,000 tons annually. The new facilities cater to the rising demand for processed products, including a diverse range of tomato-based items and fruit compotes meeting the highest quality standards for both domestic and international markets.

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Unwavering Commitment to Quality: Carozzi's Rigorous Standards and Certifications Across Divisions

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Carozzi prioritizes excellence with a comprehensive Quality and Food Safety Policy spanning divisions in Chile, Peru, and Agrozzi. From cultivation to distribution, the company embraces standards like BRC, HALAL, KOSHER, and organic certifications, ensuring the safety, suitability, and excellence of its products for diverse communities and markets.

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